Skate Park

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Nuit Blanche

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Business Casual
These socks are driving me crazy. The pattern, which was going fine at first somehow morphed and I don’t know if it’s because I picked up stitches along the way, or because of miscounting. I put it down because I just couldn’t deal with the idea of having to frog it, and working around my mistake right now is giving me a headache. I may have been a little too ambitious with my first sock project.
So I cast on 2 other projects instead and that made me feel much better. One of them is a cardigan in a basic stockinette stitch which means I can bring it along and knit it almost anywhere without having to really concentrate.

The Mitchell Block

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Formerly known as Tre Visi, the Mitchell Block is under new management. It seems to have dropped it’s air of pretension – I remember going there and for some reason our choice of tap water over sparkling or flat bottled mineral water was met with small sniff of distain. That’s ok, it just meant I never went back.

I started following The Mitchell Block on instagram and couldn’t stop obsessing over their delicious looking food. We knew we had to order the bison carpacio. It came with “beef crackers” and delicious salty capers. One thing that hasn’t changed since their Tre Visi days is their bread. I remember it being so delicious the first time we went that we asked for seconds, and this time was no different. The dots of balsamic on top of the butter were perfect. I was a little disappointed at the entree selection. I had hoped they would be a little more creative like the bison carpaccio, but it’s understandable if they’re attempting a balancing act of retaining their previous opera-going customers and trying to attract the new ones.

I can say I will definitely be going back to try their Fisherman’s punch. A giant fishbowl of alcoholic punch that we were told tastes like peach ice tea served in their lounge.

73 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

Savoury French Toast

image What do you do when you have a loaf of scallion challah and and a lazy long weekend? Why you make savoury french toast with garlic, cayenne pepper, and a healthy topping of parmesan.

WIP Wednesdays

Currrently working on this gorgeous pattern. I’m a lot further along than in the photo, but haven’t gotten a chance to take more. The first sleeve is almost done, and I can’t wait to finish the second. It’s coming along a lot quicker than I thought it would. The cables are so much fun to knit.
WIP Wednesday  Rocky Coast Cardigan

Garbage Mountain

Tea Ceremony

Back to doing something I love.
I’m a bit rusty, but still happy.