I’ve been reflecting on the past year a lot lately. I’m not normally a person who takes stock of the past year and plans for the next year, but perhaps my nostalgia is creeping in.

I’ve taken a lot less photos than I would have like, but focused on being in the moment rather than capturing it. The hazy memories with the fuzzy feelings trump the sharply focused photo.
I’ve watched my cousin get married and couldn’t be happier at the wonderful person he chose to spend his life with. It was as surreal experience and really cemented the whole growing up/childhood ending thing. On the other hand I’ve gotten closer family that I’ve previously neglected and my life is richer for it.
I’ve set into motion changes which I hope will affect my future for the better, but it feels so unsure and tentative right now that I don’t want to rely too much on uncertainty.
Recently, I’ve reconnected with old friends and I’m not sure why I ever let them out of my life. I’ve made new friends and they have taught me so much about what it means to be kind, loving and honest.
I got a chance to do yoga for a short period and plan to find a way to do it more in the coming year. It’s become incredibly addictive. I never thought I would be one of those nuts who wakes up at 5am to do yoga and enjoys it, but apparently that’s the power of yoga.
As the year winds down, I’m grateful for all the things around me. The simple things from my addiction to Parlour (now with Little Sister included), friends who love coffee, a warm roof over my head, amazing friends who make me laugh, and will cry with me, family I can depend on, and simple delicious food. Right now, I don’t need much more to be happy.
I’m looking forward to the new year even more. I’m excited to see what it will bring me. My goals are to find a happy medium between capturing the moments and living in them – something I tend to struggle with. I want to challenge myself to succeed in more areas of my life and to try harder. I think that too often when I meet opposition, I step back to evaluate which sometimes leads to inaction.
I think the key word for 2014 will be balance. Balance in all the things in my life for a happy medium.


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