Squid Ink Pasta

Dinner Party
I think I’ve been searching for squid ink for about 3 years now. I did it in a careless casual way, if I was in a new city and I saw a specialty foods store I would inquire one of the clerks. More often than not I would get a confused look and then told that they had never heard of it. When I asked a friendly clerk at Food Warehouse in Vancouver, he brought me over to an entire display with jars of the shimmering black liquid. I couldn’t wait to try this when we got back home.
Dinner Party
Early one morning I got up to prepare the squid. It was my first time cleaning squid but I got the hang of it quickly enough.
Dinner Party
Dinner was absolutely delicious. And as we usually do, we ended up with way too much food.
Dinner Party
Dinner Party
I made my 18 hour bread to go along with the bacon jam I had purchased at the same warehouse.
Dinner Party
Abby made the most delicious roast chicken, and here’s Jan carving it up like a pro.
Dinner Party
I’m not normally a huge fan of meringue but the pavlova that AD made with fresh raspberries, mangos and kiwi was so delicious I could have ate the entire thing myself if I wasn’t already stuffed from squid ink pasta, roasted chicken, kale salad and freshly made bread.

Dinner Party


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