2013 Road Trip – Day 3

Capilano Park
For years I had protested against going on the Capilano Suspension bridge. There was no way I was going to walk across a rickety bridge swaying precariously in the wind. Not with my fear of heights, besides why would I pay for $30 to walk across the bridge and back. It turns out I was *ahem* wrong and the bridge wasn’t the only activity there and the bridge itself might not have been that awful to walk across.
Capilano Park
Capilano Park
There was a lot of history and culture there, but I’ll be honest I didn’t really pay much attention. There were so many interesting things to play with and so many pretty sights.
Capilano Park
We had lots of fun playing around with everything.
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Apparently you’re not supposed to jump on the bridge….
Capilano Park
Lester found a giant banana slug! I had never seen one before and I convinced him to pick it up. He had a really hard time getting the slime off his hand after!

Our next stop after Capilano was the salmon hatchery.
Capilano Hatchery
Capilano Hatchery


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