Vancouver Snapshot

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a month since my Vancouver Road Trip! It’s been so hectic and busy since I’ve gotten back that all I’ve been able to do is upload my photos onto my computer. I plan to take a little time this weekend to hopefully organize my photos and get it project life ready. In the meantime here’s a food summary of what we ate on the trip!

The best road trips always start with Mcdonald’s breakfasts.
Best way to start a road trip #breakfast #mcdonalds #roadtrip
The first night in Vancouver was rainy, actually most of our entire trip in Vancouver was rainy, but we needed some comfort food and this hit the spot. It was so yummy and exactly what we needed after a long day of driving.Mmmmmmmm so delicious ramen with @abeh

Scallop and fish tacos? Yes, please!
Lunch with food trucks today with @abeh #vancouver #foodtruck #taco #fishtaco #yum #latergram

What’s Vancouver without seafood?

Excuse me, waiter, there's a mussel on my oyster. #oyster @abeh #vancouver #sushi #ayce #roadtrip #latergram

Geoduck: “You made me eat clam penis?”

Stacey after eating geoduck "I can't believe you made me eat clam penis" @abeh

Creamy green tea cream puff at Beard Papas
Green tea beard papa #vancouver #dessert #beardpapa
The store I got this at was a goldmine of great finds.

Ramen Chocolate with @abeh @lszinv

Mmmmm sushi
AYCE sushi at Ninkazu. #fresh #sushi #salmonsashimi #sashimi #vancouver #food #abeautifulmess

Time to head home…

The car is packed full, and I'm having McDonald's for breakfast. Time to head home. This was an awesome trip. #roadtrip #ABeautifulMess #mcdonalds @abeh

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