Sunshine & Lemons

A jar full of sunshine and lemons #moroccan #meyerlemons

I finally found the time to browse through the Smitten Kitchen cookbook that I got for Christmas. I found a really delicious sounding lemon square recipe and when I saw meyer lemons for sale the next day I knew it was kismet. Unfortunately, I don’t possess a food processor and this recipe only uses a food processor. So I convinced Abby to lug over her food processor and I played hooky from work and we spent the day in the kitchen making delicious treats.
I started with Laura Caulder’s lemon cream tart. Jan had made on once before and I fell in love with the perfect combination of tart and lemon that you normally never find with lemon tarts. They’re always too sweet, and they never really taste like lemons.
We moved onto the smitten kitchen lemon square recipe, which was all sorts of gooey yumminess. The layers made it so interesting, there was the crumbly shortbread, that soft gooey center (from all the butter that was in there), and an almost coconut top layer from the lemon zest and pith. Once in a while, amongst the creamy gooey layers, you would bite into some lemon zest and it would burst out full of flavour.
Since I had some lemons left after all that baking I decided I would do something simple and decided to make some preserved lemons for some future experiments with some moroccan cooking. I have a recipe from Dorie Greenspan that I’ve made more than once, but each time I omitted the lemons because I thought it would be too much work to make them. I’ve also never had the foresight to make them ahead of time.
The lemons are sitting in my kitchen waiting to be made. I still have a couple weeks to go before they ready, but I don’t mind waiting. They look so pretty on the kitchen counter with the sunlight streaming through.

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