Digging: the longer days
Drinking: lots and lots of water, but what I really want is the limoncello that I made last year.
Eating: hotpot tomorrow, can’t wait!
Listening: Alabama Shakes, I’m loving their album, and Heartbeat by Childish Gambino is on constant repeat
Reading: Good Omens by Nail Gaiman and Terry Pratchet, laugh out loud (which I never do) funny book. Absolutely hilarious
Feeling: Sluggish from the time change
Weather: we’re on the cusp of spring…
Wanting: to go on that Vancouver road trip that I’m planning for this summer
Needing: to stop my Buffy marathon..or maybe not
Wishing: I had more time for the creative things in my life
Hoping: the chocolate hazelnut crepe cake I’m planning to make tonight will turn out
Thinking: about budgeting for the Vancouver Road Trip.
Enjoying: all the gym time that I’ve had lately and the results from it
Loving: the promise of summer, limoncello, strawberry orange salads, and lounging in the sun


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