Orchids (70/365)

IMG_9385 - Version 2
Plants and flowers don’t last very long in our house. We have a couple of Christmas cactus that have stayed with us through the years, but those things seem to be able to survive through anything. I’m not sure if it’s lack of green thumbs or lack of sunlight, but our house is not one where plants thrive. My grandmother had one of those green thumbs (or maybe it was the south facing window) where plants flourished and grew so abundantly that they spilled over in their pots and almost reached the ground. Which is why I’m shocked that an orchid plant my mother brought into the house a month ago has not only stayed alive, but has kept it’s leaves. For a brief moment I thought that maybe it was actually a fake plant, and I hadn’t realized it, but no it’s real – I touched it! I don’t know too much about orchids, so maybe their flowers stick around longer than other ones I know.

One response

  1. The flowers do stick around longer, but it’s incredibly hard to get them to re-bloom once the initial flowers fall off. But they’re beautiful and certainly worth the effort if you have the patience!

    March 13, 2012 at 4.25 pm

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