Lunchtime (68/365)

IMG_9367 - Version 2
Sometimes the monotony of the work day gets to be too much and I need a change of pace. My friend was heading out for lunch and I decided to go along for the ride. We ended up at one of those pan-asian restaurants that cater to non-gourmands (as the term foodies is out). I’m glad I went along as I ended up catching this shot of these two people who wielded incredibly long chopsticks with skill. The man in the photo saw me taking the photo and began grinning, but since his back was to me I wasn’t able to catch it. The funny part was that he told his coworker and she barely reacted, actually, I think this was her stoic expression the entire time.


One response

  1. The lady seems like she hates her job!

    March 12, 2012 at 9.11 pm

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