Tea Story (48/365)


Jan and I had just finished our weekly torture session (i.e. the gym – kidding!) when we got a text from Bee and Rybread who had nothing else to do on a Friday night so we all pulled up our phones for a place that was cozy and open later so that we could all hang out. Enter Tea Story. This was my first time there and I thought it was nicely decorated. It reminded me of similar venue just down the street with a similar dessert type theme to the restaurant.
IMG_8992 - Version 2
It was really fun being able to choose the type of tea you wanted and have it brought to our table! We loved that it came with a tiny candle and holder so that your tea stayed warm! Nice touch!
Jan and I ended up sharing a Citrus Sunburst, and Bee and Rybread ended up having a Harvest black tea that really didn’t taste like black tea! I enjoyed the teas and it was a great place to sit and relax with friends.


Tea Story Cafe
222 Osborne St
Winnipeg, Manitoba


One response

  1. What a fun night!

    February 26, 2012 at 1.21 am

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