The Current (37/365)

I had mentioned going to Hermanos for Ciao’s Dine About Winnipeg and I’m going to say my excuse for going out three nights in a row (yes, three) is that I wanted to take advantage of the great deal!  So while we were out Oat and I made plans to go to The Current for night number 2 the very next day to try out their really delicious sounding menu!
IMG_8665 - Version 2
We both ended up choosing almost the exact same thing (except the dessert, and what a mistake I made!). I had gone to The Current last year with some coworkers and I remember being more impressed with the soup than I was with anything else and it was the same this year. The soup we had was absolutely delicious, it was a prawn, chorizo and corn chowder with chile oil. Smokey, with just the right amount of texture and spice! The chicken was unimpressive, and I ended up ordering some chocolate truffle with carnival popcorn and peanut butter ice cream – my eye got caught on the popcorn and I wish it hadn’t because Oat ordered the most delicious Pavlova ever. I can see why it’s her favourite dessert!
This is Oat’s bewilderment at the candle on our table that “burned” lower than all the rest.
IMG_8658 - Version 2

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  1. The dessert looks pretty at least!

    February 16, 2012 at 11.03 pm

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