Shaw, Bistrot & some Diplomats (27/365)

IMG_8427 - Version 2

There was a George Bernard Shaw festival around the city and I was asked to go by a friend. Chen is someone I trust implicitly when it comes to anything to the arts, when she invites me to a play, I know I’m in for a good time and this night was no different.

IMG_8438 - Version 3

I finally got to meet the people that she talks about all the time, and we all had so much fun. It was like we had known each other for years, well except for the awkward moment where I completely forgot everyone’s names and thought that both guys were named Adam. Whoops. After the play we headed to Bistrot by Basil. This restaurant has been closed for renovations for four years due to extensive damages from a watermain break, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to try it. I can’t say too much about the food, but I can tell you that their wine and their service from the hostess to the waitress is great! We made lots of friends that night including our fabulous waitress named Myrna who indulged in our antics and didn’t run away screaming from us.

IMG_8441 - Version 2

We were so enamoured that we needed to get photos.

Afterwards, we headed to The Standard for to listen to a friend of a friend of a friend’s band, the Dining Room Diplomats. I think the most amusing part of the night, besides the great music, was watching this pint sized super fiery woman walk back and forth saying long goodbyes to all the people she knew. We ended up leaving before she did!


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