The Weekend of Non-stop Eating, Part I: The BBQ and Sleepover

The sleepovers started last year, I believe it was Christmas time, and it’s continued along into the summer. Each episode is punctuated with an abundance of food, really, when I say abundance I mean it in the extravagant, overflowing, don’t-know-we-could-eat-this-much type of abundance. Each time we have one of these sleepovers, I’m amazed that we’re able to add more food onto the menu and finish every bite. We started the BBQ off an appetizer of hummus and chips as the BBQ was cooking the burgers (sans buns because we forgot them), chicken wings, and veggie skewers. We had a refreshing dessert of avocado popsicles.

IMG_5779 - Version 2

After all the food eating we decided that lay out on the grass and catch some of those summer rays. I suggested it to my friends because I secretly covet my friend’s lawn. It’s like a carpet! It’s so thick and luxurious, and it’s the type of lawn I want when I own my house one day. IMG_5831 - Version 2

Later that night we feasted again with a hotpot dinner. There were midnight feedings of sushi, and then 4am chicken wings. Sadly, none of these were pictured because I was too deep into a food coma to pick up the camera.


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