Adventures at the Switchboard

Part of the responsibilities at my job is switchboard relief, so about 1.5 hours of my day is spent answering all the incoming calls for the organization I work at. Now, due to the nature of the name of the place that I work at many people mistakenly believe that we govern other organizations of a similar nature.

As the part time switchboard operator, I get some pretty interesting calls. Case in point: The person had called asking about a service that we don’t provide but that the city does…

Me: “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to call three-one-one for that” (311 being the equivalent of a city 411 service)
Random Person: “What was the number?”
Me: (thinking I spoke too quickly) “3, 1, 1”
Random: “Oh, hang on, hang on, one second,” *shuffling of papers* “Ok, …go!”
Me: “3.”
Random Person: “3….” (I get the sense that she’s frantically writing down numbers as I go)
Me: “1.”
Random Person: “1…”
Me: “1.”
Random Person: “1..”
Me: “That’s it”
Random Person: “Ok..”
Me: “So you just need to call that number” (as she still sounds unsure)
Random Person: “Ok…”
Me: “It’s like 911”
Quickly realising my error
“-But with a 3!”


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