Clay Oven Delicious

Recently, Snapaholic and I went to a restaurant called Clay Oven, which has one of the most amazing butter chicken dishes I’ve ever had. We were in the area looking for scrapbooking supplies and started to feel the pangs of hunger. I had never been to this location, but a good friend of mine raves about it all the time, and I can see why now.
We started with the samosa platter. I could have done without the chickpea sauce, but the samosas were so good. Writing about it now makes me want to go back and get some more.
Samosa's from Clay Oven
Of course, you can’t have east indian food without naan bread.
And of course, my absolute favourite – butter chicken. I love how it’s so creamy and silky. There are two locations in Winnipeg, and luckily one of them is right down my street so I can pop by whenever and have some (lucky me!). And Snapaholic introduced me to palak paneer. There might have been mention of a close resemblance to baby poop. Hey, no one said we were mature. It doesn’t matter though, because it tastes delicious!
IMG_3511 - Version 2


Clay Oven Restaurant
240-1600 Kenaston Common


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