First BBQ of the Summer

Last year, a group of friends and I started a tradition that I hope will last for a long while – sleepovers. It all started when I decided that we should have sangria at one of our parties, but then the question of driving after we had been drinking came up, so the next logical step was for us to have a sleepover! Our first one happened in December and as always our get togethers centered around the food. We had a nice steamy hotpot, which is always welcome in the winter time when it’s cold and snowy outside, followed by dessert and mexican hot chocolate (brought to the party by yours truly).
The next sleepover was highly anticipated, at least by me, but I’m sure everyone else was looking forward to it as well. We normally have a large amount of food, but this spread was huge even by our standards. The list included 3 types of salads, burgers, wings, skewers, salmon sashimi and tons of veggies, including my favourite, grilled zucchini.
I call this a salad, but it’s really a salsa, a mango salsa to be exact.
This was one of my favourite salads of the meal, a strawberry citrus salad. It has strawberries, oranges and fresh mint with just a hint of sweetness. Snapaholic and I decided that it would be delicious with some chocolate mint that I have growing in my backyard. I think it reminds of everything summer.
You can’t have a BBQ without burgers. Well, I’m sure you could, but it just wouldn’t be the same.
IMG_3564 - Version 2
Sadly, I never got to these veggies – they were all the way at the other end of the table and by the time I was done sampling all the food around me, I was too full.
Some might think us odd for having salmon sashimi at a BBQ, but I think we’re just too much foodies to discriminate against any kind good food just because it doesn’t “fit in”.
We’re rebels! who says we can’t mix different types of food?
IMG_3579 - Version 2
These skewers were so delicious with the shrimp. Did I mention how much I love grilled shrimp? Almost as much as I love grilled zucchini.
IMG_3577 - Version 2

Of course, we didn’t stop there. After we slept off our food coma (and polished off the leftovers), we had an amazing breakfast, but that will come in a later post. It’s times like these that make grateful for incredible friends and all the fun times we have together.


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