November 7, 2010 – Day 207

November 7, 2010

This past weekend I brought my mushroom keychains to the flea market I was going to sell them at. There were so many interesting antique things to look at! I’ve always loved aged and antiqued things and there were tons of things to see! One of my favorite things was the used book section. I found a whole bunch of books that I didn’t have in my collection, and the best part was the price! Normally, when I find use books they are anywhere ranging from $4 to $15, if they’re in paperback and not first edition, at the flea market none of the books that I found were over $2! What a great deal! These weren’t any books either, I managed to find Vanity Fair, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while now, and I found Steinbach’s Grapes of Wrath! I’m really excited about reading these books!

IMG_8347 - Version 2
IMG_8345 - Version 2

IMG_8357 - Version 2
IMG_8362 - Version 2

IMG_8339 - Version 2

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