September 11, 2010 – Day 150

September 11, 2010

I have a friend who loves to read comic books, he collects them. So one day, I mentioned how I saw that they were revamping the Wonder Woman story line and we started talking about it. I actually didn’t know anything about Wonder Woman before, but when I found out that she was an Amazon, and that the most of the backstory was based on Greek and Roman mythology, I was hooked! Greek and Roman mythology is what got me interested in my degree. So, every month when the new issue of Wonder Woman comes out my friend picks it up for me. Recently, he mentioned that there was another comic book that he thought I would be interested in and he picked it up for me too. It’s called Scarlet and he was right! The storyline is really interesting, and I love the way the artwork looks, it reminds me of photographs and I love the way the artist tells the story.
This comic book above is only the second one in the series, but the story, as a whole, leans towards the darker side, so I like the way the shadows happened to fall onto the comic book sitting on my night stand. The shot was unintentional, but I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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