September 9, 2010 – Day 148

Abuelita Hot Chocolate

September 9, 2010
We had a great summer this year, so it was a shock when the 1st of September hit and overnight the weather turned cold, dismal and rainy. I was really disappointed because I thought that was the end of warm weather, but it did put me in the mood for something warm. (Little did I know that we would be having great weather all the way into October!) I had bought some Mexican hot chocolate during my Minneapolis trip and hadn’t gotten a chance to try it. I really liked the packaging when I saw this, and the name “abuelita” (grandmother in spanish) was really what sold me, how could you not want grandmother’s hot chocolate?
Mexican Hot ChocolateWhen I got home, the smell of the hot chocolate disks smelled so strongly that I was afraid the cinnamon taste would overpower the drink. It turns out that I was wrong, thankfully, and the hot chocolate was delicious. I’ve never tasted anything else like this, and I’m really excited to be able to share it with my group of foodie friends in December!
Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate


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