August 22, 2010 – Day 130

Body Works
August 22, 2010
Our first attempt to see the bodies exhibition was a failure. Someone who had seen it before told us it ended at 11, but when we showed up at 9 we were told that the exhibition ended at 9:30 and we couldn’t go in anymore. So we found out the hours and went the next day. Unsurprisingly, photos were not allowed inside.
I really enjoyed seeing the exhibition, and it’s probably the only time, and the closest I would ever come to seeing human organs they way that they actually look. I think one of my favorite parts was the cases showing just the veins. I was really amazed at how they were able to keep such delicate vessels intact, and it was such a vibrant colour of red. It was only one part of the body, but the way there were so many veins that there was no way you could mistake which part of the body it is. I recommend anyone to go see it.
On our way out I saw this in the women’s bathroom and thought….”Is she really picking her nose?” Closely followed by “Why would they put that up there?”

Science Museum


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