June 5, 2010 – Day 52

St. Nobert Farmer’s Market

June 5, 2010

On Saturday Eating Monster and I went to the St. Nobert Farmer’s Market. It was loads of fun and I’m glad that she convinced me to get up early to go. It was actually the first day the market was open for the season, and I was surprised by how many stalls there were. There weren’t too many vegetable stands, and no fruit stands that I saw, but I didn’t think they would be this early in year. I did find some lovely looking lettuce.

St. Nobert Farmer's Market 3

There tons of baked goods there too! The Sugar Cookie Shoppe had the cutest cookies for sale.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 11

She made these ‘dots’ and they were so good I bought some for myself.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 12

There were tons of flowers for sale.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 1
St. Norbert Farmer's Market 8

I got to talk to Phil of Phil’s Honey. He was super nice.

He raises bees and sells beeswax candles. Eating Monster thought they smelled nice and bought one.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 10

And his son is just as nice as his father! He plays the violin and busks each summer to earn money for the child he sponsors! What a great kid!
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 17

There were tons of crafts and we happened upon Shauna Turner of Beaded Bliss.She makes gorgeous jewelry.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 14

I bought 2 scrabble necklaces from her.
St. Nobert Farmer's Market 15

Eating Monster and I had such a great time at the market! We have plans to go back with Snapaholic all through summer. I hope there’s vegetables and fruit next time!


3 responses

  1. Some great photos! Can’t wait to come along next time!

    June 8, 2010 at 6.26 pm

    • debbe

      It was loads of fun! We’ll have lots of fun!

      June 11, 2010 at 3.22 pm

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