May 23, 2010 – Day 39

Mojitos & Sonics
May 23, 2010

Before I left for the states I had done research for a bass that I wanted. I don’t generally describe myself as girly girl and I’m rarely drawn to anything pink, but I saw the pink sparkly bass by Daisy Rock, I couldn’t resist! I wanted it! Then I saw the alternate colour – purple. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been on a purple kick lately. I was playing it cool as I wasn’t sure if there were any in stock, and it was way out of my price range.
Day 4 started with us heading to Guitar Center – where I was going to check it out the Daisy Rock guitar, except they didn’t have any in stock.
So we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch instead. Now, I was really looking forward to going to the Cheesecake Factory because I’m a huge fan of the show The Big Bang Theory. It’s hilarious and Sheldon makes me laugh so much! My friend had warned me earlier that it looks nothing like what is in the show and he was right. The interior of the restaurant a lot less drab compared to the show. There were really great high vaulted ceilings and there was a Spanish/Italian influence in the details.
Cheesecake Factory
I ordered their pomegranate mojito and while I normally don’t enjoy rum, this wasn’t bad, but chances are it was so diluted by everything else that I didn’t really notice it.
Cheesecake Factory
I also ordered the tuna and avocado carpaccio that’s pictured above. I was not disappointed. The carpaccio was delicious, and the sesame dipping sauce they had to accompany it was really great as well. I feel like they could have had more avocado, but I made it work. For the entree I ordered their Shrimp Francese. I was pleasantly surprised at how much shrimp was in the pasta, and the size of the shrimp as well, they were huge!

Cheesecake Factory
So as you can imagine, after all that food, there was no way that I could eat any thing more. So I didn’t have cheesecake. My friend did though, and he said it was great.

Later that night we headed to Sonics. This was one of those must-do’s on my list! I have this thing about drive-ins ever since I started my drive-in quest of Winnipeg. I was a little disappointed with Sonic’s though. In my mind, what sets drive-ins apart from other burger joints is the quality of the food. Those homemade tasting patties, fries that you can never ever get at a mcdonalds, and their ubiquitous special burger, generally slathered with a healthy coating of their house chili sauce. In retrospect, I should have expected so much from a drive-in chain restaurant.
The ironic thing is that this was the first drive-in restaurant I’ve been to that’s stayed true to the old school definitely of drive-in. In that you drive up to the restaurant and they serve you in your car.
It also wasn’t until later that I found out Sonic’s is known for their drinks – which I didn’t try. If I get the chance I might go back to try one of those.


2 responses

  1. OH! nice panning of the chick on roller skates! Also, I had no idea about Sonics serving you in your car, I will definitely try there next time I’m down in the states!

    The food looks delicious–Cheesecake Factory is definitely on my TO-DO list next time, lol just because it’s featured on Big Bang as well. The tuna and avocado carpaccio photo is awesome, I love the angle you took.

    Now I’m waiting to see a photo of the bass you did get!

    May 30, 2010 at 2.16 pm

    • debbe

      The tuna carpaccio was delicious! It also helped that all the people at my table didn’t want any! I got it all to myself! Then I was too full!

      May 30, 2010 at 2.25 pm

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