Forks Market Photowalk

Recently I went on a photowalk with two friends at Forks Market, which is great meeting place downtown, and also a great place to take photographs. Forks Market is where the two rivers that run through our city converge and has always been a natural meeting place. What I love about the area is that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there’s always something interesting to shoot. R had wanted to take photos of the great architectural sculptures they had along the river – which in the winter becomes a skating trail. Sadly when we got there it was too warm, the trails were closed and the sculptures had been taken down. We still had plenty of fun walking around taking photos.
I found these pretty blown globes that I think would look really great hanging in front of a window.

Forks Market

I loved the colours at this one stall selling incense.

Forks Market

I’m curious what “euphoria” would smell like.

Forks Market

I was really looking forward to buying an St. Andes cheese that I had before at Bistro 7 1/4 for my birthday, but sadly they were sold out.

Forks Market

I really enjoyed taking photos at the Forks, what made it more enjoyable was being able to do it with people who also loved taking photos. It forced me to look at things differently and try to see the photo op in each situation.
This was hands down my favorite photo of the evening. I love the soft lights and the blue of the dusk sky.

Forks Market


2 responses

  1. LMAO I’m curious to see what sex on the beach smells like! I like the way you cropped the incense 🙂
    My fav one is the last one? How did you stand still enough to take it?

    April 21, 2010 at 10.24 am

  2. debbe

    I didn’t have to! It was just 1/6 shutter speed and f/3.5.

    April 21, 2010 at 12.21 pm

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