Oh the places we'll go…

I’v been hit with the traveling bug all of a sudden. It hit me out of nowhere and now I have an incredible urge to travel across the sea and visit places steeped in history, and places not so much, to take enough photos to fill up my hard drive and taste something new and yummy. Maybe it was because of an interesting chat with a fellow, whose name I never got. He told me about his fantastic adventures in southeast Asia and it’s sparked and kept my interest since then. I keep on thinking about the absolutely gorgeous places in Europe.
Rome would be lovely, I would get to see what I’ve been studying up close in real life, and vielleicht spreche detusch mit jemand? or france where I could consume crusty baguettes and buttery soft cheeses.
Sadly, with my pending trip to western Canada I won’t have enough money to just pick up and leave. Although I would absolutely love to.
So for now I’ll just have to sate my wanderlust with flickr and postcrossing.


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