Cabin, Beach, Scrabble And Food, Food, Food!

Last weekend, on an spur of the moment decision, I joined a bunch of friends on the 1.5 hour drive down to R’s cabin. There was 8 of us altogether on the first day, and 6 the next. We spent the first night making the fire and having the first batch of smokies, drinks, and s’mores.


The second day was ALL food! Our lunch consisted of a delicious salad with mangos and sliced almonds, delicious grilled pork chops, and yummy noodles that had cream of mushroom soup as the sauce base, and was sprinkled liberally with sliced hardboiled eggs and green onions.


And there were yummy snacks


We spent the nights playing scrabble!

Does anyone else see 'dildo'?
I don't think eatten is a word

One of the best things about going away to R’s cabin is the daily trips to the beach. This weekend was no different for me, despite the weather being so cold (I don’t think it hit above 15 the entire weekend), I still managed to take the 10 minute walk to the beach each day that I was there. I find the beach very calming and relaxing.


It’s definitely one of my most favorite parts of summer.


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