Lately, I’ve been on a postcrossing streak. I’ve started to send more postcards and I’ve put three in the mail today. After receiving four in my mail the past two days. I’ve updated my page and included images of all the postcards that have been sent to me. I think it’s the lack of anything to do and in addition, not wanting to study for my class.
Which, btw, I’ve missed for this entire week. I skipped on Monday because I wanted an extra day at the cabin, and then on Wednesday, I managed to turn off my alarm and when I finally woke up I had missed my bus by 3 minutes.
I’ve been looking through my postcards, the ones that I’ve bought when I’m on vacation, ones that I’ve received from friends who were on vacation, and ones I’ve received from postcrossing. My favorite are the ones that I’ve received from friends, whether they’ve been sent or just brought back in luggage. I like when people have written on them, it adds a personal touch.

Out of my collection, this is absolutely the most beautiful one.


One thing I never realized is how expensive stamps have gotten, but the excitement from receiving a postcard in the mail, especially when it’s written in a different language and has a beautiful scene on the front is definitely worth the price.

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