VJ's Drive-In

So one warm evening in May we decided to hit up VJ’s Drive-In. It wasn’t too busy when we went but there were a lot of people that came and went while we were there. Sadly, my camera died pretty soon after we got there, so there aren’t too many photos.
VJ’s had typical drive-in food, just burgers and hot dogs.

IMG_0792 copy

I got the VJ’s special, fries and a drink, R got the same except he got the VJ’s double special and O got the milkshake since he had already eaten. O said he enjoyed his milkshake, but it wasn’t anything too special.


The burgers were very good. They put their own chili on it. Just enough to coat the patty, not enough to overwhelm it. One thing I really liked was that they put a lot of lettuce on the burger, I tend to like lots of lettuce on my burgers, and there was just enough mayo so that the burger wasn’t too dry.

They put all the fires and burger into a box, and there were a lot of fries. I actually couldn’t finish all of them. The food was great, the fries were fresh and it was decently priced. I would definitely go back and try the other items on the menu.

VJ’s Drive-In
170 Main Street
(204) 943-2655
(They’re open pretty late too)

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