The Cow In The Meadow Goes Moo

One of my most vivid memories of going to the zoo as a child were the elephant rides. I remember having to climb a wooden staircase and then having to wait at the top for the elephant to come around so that I could climb on. The elephant would walk slowly in a lumbering circle, flapping their ears and moving their trunks all around. They’ve since gotten rid of the elephant rides at the zoo, which is good for the elephants, but that also means I don’t get to see any elephants when I go to the zoo. Not that I’ve gone too often in the past couple of years. Actually I haven’t been to the zoo in, I can’t remember how many years. I had two chances to go last year as a work field trip, but somehow I was always at another center when the day arrived.
This time I convinced the boyfriend to go and L and C tagged along for the fun. It was a gorgeous warm sunny day and we had lots of fun.

We saw peacocks

And zebras

There was a huge crowd around the tiger exhibit
Look at it's pink tongue!
And there were even aquariums! One of my favorite parts were the odd little shrimp scurrying around

The zoo was fun, despite the rushing around we had to do, we got there a little late and had to rush in order to go through all the exhibits.


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