Post-Secondary Joke

My university is a joke.

I remember occasionally hearing some of my friends complaining about how courses that they needed in order to graduate were being switched, or were only being offered once every 6 years and only if on that 6th year there was a full moon on the rise venus and only if some arcane ritual perfomed in the dead of night deemed it alright. Generally, it was some ridiculous reason that made it so that the personing complaining would have to stay an extra year or take additional courses. I usually listened with a sympathetic ear, but never really payed much attention as at that point I was content in staying in university and delaying my entry into the real world. But the time had to come in which I would have to buckle down and actually finish a degree.

I had decided that this was going to be the year that I would graduate. So I did what any responsible person would do. I went to an advisor and let her do her job. I got her word that the courses that I had been taking would allow me to graduate and that the courses that I was planning on taking would continue in the same vein and help me finally get that degree. Or so I thought – that is until this year when I, again, went to an advisor. I went to get advice for next years courses and to check on the current ones I had. This advisor, a new one, and thankfully, one who knew what she was doing – informed me that the last advisor was wrong and that in fact, there were currently an entire semester worth of courses that I was taking that did not count towards my degree. AN ENTIRE SEMESTER.

I eventually got over it. Fine, the courses were over and done with, there was nothing else I could. I resigned myself to another semester of school. I even talked to the head of my department and convinced him to hold the courses that I would need in order to graduate. He assured me that he would, and I trusted him. All I would need to do is take one course in the summer to fulfill my minor, and another three to finish off the major.

Fast forward to today – I received an email informing that due to low course registration that the course – the course that I need in order to graduate – will be cancelled. CANCELLED! I`ve been in courses in which I`m the ONLY student and they need to cancel this course because there aren`t enough students?!? I`m sure that I am not the only student enrolled in this course!

Now I have the option of stay yet another semester – or just not finishing my degree, which, while the most tempting, is obviously not going to happen.


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