Küss mich

Küss mich

Originally uploaded by chun lei

I found this great comic on the door of my german professor. And it’svery fitting since at just had to preform The Princess and The GoldenBall in class. One group went all out for it. They came in with insane props including a velvet cape for the king, scenery, an freaking well and even a giant ball that they spray painted gold. My group and pretty much the entire class were definitely feeling inadequate. I had the brilliant idea of going to Burger King and grabbing one of those paper crowns they give out. Instead I completely forgot about it including forgetting to meet my group before class to write the entire script. Good job. Anyways. That’s actually been my entire week. Forgetting deadlines. Not doing my work. For example I didn’t finish my math assignment which was due today. And also worth 5%. And I managed to miss three buses on Thursday so I didn’t end up going to class. I figure I’ll write off this week, get my head straight this weekend and start again next week.

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