Playing tag

It’s been so nice outside lately with the sun that we’re been going out every day – although what generally ends up happening is that it’s gorgeous and warm during the day, and then somehow by the time we take out the kids, there’s a huge wind blowing cold cold COLD air. And I always forget to bring something warmer.

Although, one piece of advice I would pass on is that it’s never a good idea to run around in sandals on a playground with uneven footing. Which is exactly what I learned today while playing tag on the structure at work with the kids. (Isn’t my job great? I get to run around playing tag, and call it work!). Anyways, you know a fall is bad when there’s a collective gasp from the kids and every single one stops to ask “Are you ok?!”. 

Even though I was bruised, both my ego and my knee, the funny shocked looks on their faces was almost worth it. Almost.
And even though I have a scrapped knee and huge bruise, I’ll probably still be playing tag on the structure tomorrow.

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