It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. And I’ve been utterly swamped with classes, exams, midterms, final essays! Although, I am grateful for the way that things worked out. I’m glad that I’m in a department where the classes are small enough (e.g. 4 people – that’s including the professor and myself), anyways, where was I? Yes, I’m glad that the classes are small enough that we can decide on the dates as a collective and the professor is kind enough to let us chose which dates we want to write out midterms.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve done nothing but a cycle of studying and sleeping. And I didn’t get enough of the latter. Although it was kinda nice to not have to work for the past week, with the exception of Wednesday morning. I’ve basically had at least two assignments due since I came back from reading week. I had a final essay due the friday before classes ended, an extra class on Monday after classes ended because the head of the department who taught the Greek oration course offered his time to help us review, Tuesday was the actual exam for the oration course. Today was my final for my latin course – in which the professor allowed each student to pick which date they wanted to do it. Although, he did request that we do it on certain dates, and that we do it on or before the 18th, and because I’m the worst procrastinator ever, or as I like to tell people, I want as much time as possible to be the most prepared for my exams, I chose the very last date. And then, my very final exam, and I’m very glad to say is on Monday. It’s actually a take-home and it was suppose to be due on Tuesday but I asked for an extension because I was going crazy, and there’s no way I can write a paper on the way aborignee’s have turned media around to suit their own needs along with study two legal speeches in ancient greek. So there. That’s been my week so far – and I will be glad when all this is over.
Or at least, over for two weeks before I begin the self-inflicted spring course. 
I’m learning German. Guten Tag.

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