I’m having one of those moments where there phrase “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself because everyone else just fucks it up”. I am furious right now. Almost to the point where I can barely form a coherent sentence. Well, a coherent sentence that doesn’t involve the word fuck as every second word. 

The story is that today we (as in me and two other classmates) were suppose to have a chat with the professor and explain that we felt that the amount of chapters that we had covered in class was too much material to prepare for a midterm. He mentioned it last class but since he went over our alloted time (which happens on a regular basis), he said we would discuss it in this class today. I couldn’t make it and the next thing I hear is that we are responsible for ALL 10 Chapters!! The only concession we got was that we would have 3 to choose from rather than 2. The point is that because I wasn’t there, they never said anything about how much we have to do. I’m fucking furious. The reason I got from one of them is that she was “excited about the challenge”. Fucking bullshit. She’s admitted to me that this course is the one where she spends a large amount of her time, in which she basically works on it almost everyday. (In which I do the same). So if that’s the case, then she should fucking damn well understand MY situation.  She’s taking one of these courses, I’m taking two. That means double the course work, which she obviously is NOT doing. I’m furious. Mainly because she knows exactly my situation, we discussed this last class and she saw how it was stressing me out, and yet she chose to screw me over like this. 

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