Wow, I’ve been so busy the past couple of days. The foremost on my mind is the looming midterm on Monday. I’m worried about it because I didn’t do so well on the first one and considering this is my second chance I really don’t want to screw it up. The problem is that I’ve been having a really hard time focusing and concentrating. I keep on getting distracted, and allowing myself to be distracted by silly little things. And considering this is my last day to study! Yikes!
On a side note, I ended up going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a lot of fun! We went to a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot, and the food was delicious, and the service was pretty good. A couple of us splurged with something called The Feast, and it was scrumptious. We started out with bread and three different kinds of cheese fondue. Afterwards, we got salads and the main meal which consisted of a “surf and turf” combination and something called “traditional”. The seafood was a little disappointing as it basically consisted of a couple of scallops and some shrimp. But the traditional was a little more impressive, haha, most likely due to the fact that it was cooked in oil. I really enjoyed the fillet mignon and the terriyaki, although the meat was kinda tough and hard to chew. Dessert was the best part of the meal. There were three different types of chocolate: white, milk/dark? and the third was chocolate with pecans and caramel. Wow. I especially enjoyed the white chocolate, there were a lot of subtle flavours in it that definitely worked well with the fruits that we got.
I had a wonderful time and I definitely loved the atmosphere, which was basically what my friend was going for. He said he wanted a friend group dynamic and everyone bonded really well. It was a little pricey for me, but then again I’m broke, and I’m upset that I had to pay more than two dollars for my Tim’s today. So that goes to show how much I can afford. With tip, the bill came to almost $50. So it wasn’t too bad. I’m glad that I went out yesterday, I haven’t been able to enjoy myself for a really long time, especially considering how stressed out I’ve been with school, and cranky I’ve been at work, because of all the stress.
I laughed so much that night, at dinner and later at R’s house. We ended up playing charades which is always drunk when some people are a little tipsy and everyone’s really competitive, and when some people don’t know what they’re doing.


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