I haven’t had much to update on. Work is still the same. I haven’t had much to update on. Work is still the same.
School is just as stressful as it was before.
Although I did get a really big break. I recently had a midterm in my class. And I have to admit something. I haven’t really been working all too hard in that class. I was letting all my other coursework have priority over it. It didn’t help that all my other course work screamed for attention all the time, and Latin just happened to have the English translation on the immediate opposite page. So I let it slip. And then it really came back to bite me on the you-know-where. It also didn’t help that I was incredible sick with food poisoning. I would have been surprised to have received a mark higher than 10%. That’s how bad I did. Apparently I did worse. But my lovely professor decided to have mercy in me. And to believe that I could produce much better work and he’s allowing me to rewrite the exam. On different material of course. But he’s still allowing me to rewrite it. For which I am eternally grateful. Now I just have to study, study, study! I have until next Monday to do it, and I’m glad that Friday is a holiday so that I have the entire day if I wish. 

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