So on Tuesday, almost immediately after work my phone decided to crap out on me. It’s been acting up lately. Randomly turning off, freezing at odd moments… One time I was driving and the phone started ringing and it was in my pocket so I reached in to pick it up. And then I accidentally silenced it. By that time the person had hung up, but my phone hadn’t. It continued ringing (on vibrate), and ringing… and ringing. It didn’t actually stop until I took out the battery. After that, it all started going crazy.
Whenever the phone started acting up I would just take out the battery and restart the phone. That worked for a while… until Tuesday. On Tuesday my phone basically gave up and just refused to turn back on again.
I was desperate. I jumped onto the internet and checked out new phones from Ro.gers. There was a brand new phone, which I hadn’t even realised existed. I ended up getting the SE k85.0i. With the 5.0 MP camera!! And I got it at an extremely good deal. At one point when I was researching which phone I wanted I called customer service and talked to a guy there to check just how much I would have to pay, and I told him my woes with how they overcharged me for four months straight. He talked to his supervisor and scored $100 off for me. Which was great. I was also getting another $50 off for being in the top tier. My phone was suppose to be $200, which wasn’t something I could necessarily afford, but my sights were set on the that phone and I would have to pay for a phone either way.
When I got to the store I was told that if I signed up with their package for video calling and conferencing I would get another $100 off the phone. So basically I ended up getting the phone for the same price as a a new contract! I’m so excited about the phone! I’m loving all the aspects of it!
New phone


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