I just came from a meeting at work that I might be getting put on salary. Which is definitely a plus. Although the reason why I say might is because my availability is erratic at best, and there are so many times when I have to book off days for school and exams. There was one point where I was singled out and they questioned whether or not I should be put onto salary. Nothing really came of it, so I hope that it works out and I get what I want.
On another note, I’m still desperately missing Calgary, but I’m not so depressed about leaving. I realise that there are things here that I need to finish. I figure that if I go out there to visit in the summer (maybe?). I would definitely need to work it out and see how summer courses, work, and daycare factor in. Most likely it won’t and Calgary will be left out because I really feel the need to graduate. Also, I have to worry about finances too and whether or not I will be able to afford it. But it’s something that I really want to do. We’ll see what happens. If I stayed for a prolonged period of time, I would definitely have to find a job.


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