So, either because I’m turning old, or because my anticipation for my departure to Calgary is so great that it kept me up, this morning I woke up at SEVEN o’clock and couldn’t fall back asleep. I choose to believe the latter.
Now it’s almost 10, and I still haven’t finished packing, nor have I done any of the homework which I promised myself I would do. What I did do was this…
This is the weather for Winnipeg for the next week. Notice the ridiculousness that is Wednesday? Now take a look at Calgary weather:
Notice the gloriousness that is Tuesday? Yup, that’s right. I’m going to be basking in the warm glow of temperatures above zero, while my fellow Winnipegers freeze. I feel no remorse because I’m going to be warm, warm, warm!
Well, I will if I don’t miss my flight because I’m still at home packing the things that I should be packing right now!
Enjoy the weather Winnipegers, I know I will be!

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