Even though all day I was dreading the volunteer shift I had at the casino for the museum, I actually had a lot of fun. People were crazy, people spent money on those things like they were candy. It seemed like such a waste of money to be 13 bucks to put some circles on a piece of paper. What I really wanted to do was to be the one who got to call out the numbers. You get this mike, and the little balls just pop up for you. Very simple.
I’m just glad that all my exams are over. I’ve finally gotten my brain to stop screaming. I feel as if I can finally relax. I have time to do what I want – hence the update on blog.ger.
Lately the thing that’s been on my mind is the way I’ve been abandoned by some so-called friends. I really don’t understand why it has happened. And I feel absolutely betrayed. It’s not as if they can argue that I’ve been a bad friend. Unless having a difference of opinion counts.
The worst thing about the situation is that I feel as if all my efforts, all the little things that I’ve done, all the ways that I’ve been a kind and decent person, all the times I went out of my way to show that I care, all of those things have been completely erased, ignored, forgotten, because I got into a disagreement with one person in the group. it’s just completely unfair, and the worst thing is that the people who I thought would have stood up for me – are now strangely and unexpected silent.
It’s the worst kind of betrayal.


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