There is never enough time in one day to finish all those things that I have to finish. As of this moment, it’s my Gre.ek final. Today is the only day out of the entire week before the impending Friday that I actually have an entire 24 hours to devote to studying for this test. And I’m frittering it away on procrastination. Dammit.
Because I lacked the common sense to actually check under the right heading for the date and time that my exam was to take place, I foolishy agreed to take a shift from G, and now I’m stuck with working three days in a row, right up to Thursday – the night before my exam.
I. Am. So. Screwed.
Now I’m drudging my way through endless amounts of information that I’m not sure will be on the exam. See, my professor was suppose to tell us this past Thursday what the exam entailed, and to narrow down the scope of the endless amounts of translations we had done, but come Thursday – nothing. He informs us that he will tell us on Tuesday – contrary to what he had told us before. Which means that the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, that I could have spent focusing on what I really do need to be focusing on, will now be spent on a mad rush to cram as much information in my head as possible in the slim chance that I might need it for the final. Fa.Bu.Lous.

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