You annoy me – how about I just hit you over the head now and get it over with?
Bah – I’m getting to that point of frustration again, where I can’t understand anything that I’m studying, even though supposedly the answers are right there in front of me – which they are. But it’s damn well hard to try and decipher that freaking mess. Am I making sense? Or am I just rambling on like I tend to do? My mind is jumble right now, I can’t think properly, and it seems like I go through each day in a daze.
I stumble out of bed every morning – late, because I always manage to hit the snooze button so many times that my alarm just gives up on me and just stops going off, finish my shower in just enough time to not have enough time to blow dry my hair. Followed by falling asleep on the bus and getting to class still trying to wake up from my 40 min nap on the bus [40 minutes because I’m actually awake for the first 20 minutes before I succumb to the oh-so-seductive (read: toxic) fumes of the bus and fall asleep). By the time I’m fully awake, class is over. I go home, do some homework/go to work. Get home, go to sleep and start the cycle all over again in the morning.


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