Finished my one class for school today. I’m not entirely regretting dropping my Greek Art class, but it really sucks having to bus to school for a totally of two hours a day for one class that isn’t even an entire hour long. Although I know I couldn’t have stayed in that class due to the idiot professor who p a u s e d at the most random intervals, it got to the point where all I could think about was stabbing him with my sharp pointy green pencil.
My midterm is tomorrow, and I’m still just as prepared today as I was yesterday – which is to say – not at all.
Anyways, that tiny little popcorn freak on the side is my little cousin Sydney (and her little brother Jayden-not pictured) who I got to see this summer when I went to Calgary. She’s so funny, and completely intelligent, she’s going to grow up to be smrt – S-M-R-T.

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